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Kindergarten Enrollment

Kindergarten offer letters for the 2014-2015 school year will be sent out the week of April 14th by the Department of Education.   At PS 234 we are not able to accommodate walk in registrations and ask that families schedule an appointment instead. 

If you receive an official offer to attend PS 234, please sign up here for a registration appointment.

Community Action: Join Us in Speaking Out Regarding the NYS English Language Arts Exam

Friday, April 11th, at 37 District 2 Schools (including schools in Districts 1 & 3)

Dear District 2 Families,

Community School District 2 represents a richly diverse group of school communities and it is not often these days that we have an opportunity to join in a shared effort.  Last week, and for several weeks prior, every one of our upper grade classrooms devoted hours of instructional time, vast human resources, and a tremendous amount of thoughtful effort to preparing students to do well on the NYS ELA exams and, ultimately, to administering them.  Only a handful of District 2 families even considered opting out, and we are not advocating families do so, specifically because we believe our students are well prepared for the rigor and high expectations of the Common Core and our schools have worked hard for several years to adjust our curriculum and teaching to support students in meeting those expectations. We had high hopes for what this year’s tests would bring and assured families that they would reflect the feedback the test makers and state officials had received from educators and families regarding the design of the test following last year’s administration.  Our students worked extremely hard and did their very best.  As school leaders, we supported teachers in ensuring that students and families kept the tests in perspective - they were important, but by no means the ultimate measure of who they are as readers, students, or human beings. We encouraged them to be optimistic, and did our best to do the same.  Frankly, many of us were disappointed by the design and quality of the tests and stood by helplessly while kids struggled to determine best answers, distorting much of what we'd taught them about effective reading skills and strategies and forgoing deep comprehension for something quite different.

Last Friday morning, Liz Phillips, the principal of PS 321 in Brooklyn, led her staff and her parent community in a demonstration objecting, not to testing or accountability or high expectations for kids, but to these tests in particular and, importantly, to their high stakes nature for teachers and students, and the policy of refusing to release other than a small percentage of the questions.  500 staff and parents participated.

By Friday evening some officials were dismissing the importance of their statement, claiming that Liz and her community represented only a tiny percentage of those affected, implying that the rest of us were satisfied.  Given the terribly high stakes of these tests, for schools, for teachers and for kids, and the enormous amount of human, intellectual and financial resources that have been devoted to them, test makers should be prepared to stand by them and to allow them to undergo close scrutiny.

Many District 2 schools will be holding demonstrations this week, making sure our thoughts on this are loud and clear and making it more difficult to dismiss the efforts of one school.  On Friday morning, April 11th, at 8:10 a.m., we invite our families and staff to join District 2 schools in speaking out, expressing our deep dissatisfaction with the 2014 NYS English Language Arts ELA exam and the lack of transparency surrounding them. Among the concerns shared by many schools are the following:

  • The tests seem not to be particularly well-aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards;
  • The questions are poorly constructed and often ambiguous;
  • The tests themselves are embargoed and only a handful of select questions will be released next year;
  • Teachers are not permitted to use (or even discuss) the questions or the results to inform their teaching;
  • Students and families receive little or no specific feedback;
  • This year, there were product placements (i.e., Nike, Barbie) woven through some exams;
  • With the removal of the Listening Section from the previous NYS ELA, we question why this current ELA continues to require three days of administration to students.
We invite you and your family to join together as a school community in this action, helping to ensure that officials are not left to wonder whether or not we were satisfied.

Yours truly,

Lisa Ripperger, Principal PS 234

Adele Schroeter, Principal PS 59

Sharon Hill, Principal PS 290

Jane Hsu, Principal PS 116

Lisa Siegman, Principal PS 3

Jennifer Bonnet, Principal PS 150

Kelly McGuire, Principal Lower Manhattan Community

Nancy Sing-Bock, Principal PS 51

Susan Felder, Principal PS 40

Tara Napoleoni, Principal PS 183

Robert Bender, Principal PS 11

Kelly Shannon, Principal PS 41

Nicole Ziccardi Yerk, Principal PS 281

Lauren Fontana, Principal PS 6

Amy Hom, Principal PS 1

Terri Ruyter, Principal PS/IS 276

Nancy Harris, Principal PS 397

David Thacker Bowell, Principal PS 347

Samantha Kaplan, Principal PS 151

Irma Medina, Principal PS 111

Medea McEvoy, Principal PS 267

Jacqui Getz, Principal PS/IS 126

Darryl Alhadeff, Principal PS 158

Alice Hom, Principal PS 124

Lily Woo, Principal PS 130

Bessie Ng, Principal PS 2

Ronnie Najjar, Principal PS 89

Maggie Siena, Principal PS 343

Stacy Goldstein, Principal School of the Future

Rosa Casiello-O’Day, Principal PS 42

Linore Lindy, Principal PS 33

David Getz, Principal East Side Middle School

Rhonda Perry, Principal Salk Middle School

Phyllis Tam, Principal MS 131

Iris Chiu, Principal PS 184, District 1

Monica Berry, Principal PS 87, District 3

Henry Zymeck, Principal MS 245 Computer School, District 3

In case you missed the parent meeting, Topic: How the Common Core State Standards is taking shape at PS 234, here are some parent resources for learning more about the Common Core State Standards:

Common Core State Standards
New York City Department of Education’s Information About the Common Core
Parent’s Backpack Guide to Common Core State Standards (from Engageny)
Parent Guides to the Common Core Standards (from Engageny)
Clarification About the Standards

5th Grade Graduation Committee

  Graduation Day is June 19th!

MAKE A DONATION to help pay for graduation expenses!

VOLUNTEER for 5th Grade Movie Night, Friday, April 25 and PS234 Film Festival Booth on Saturday, April 26.

UPLOAD PHOTOS for the 2014 Memory Book.

For general graduation information, contact Tina Yacker and Michelle Gutierrez at 2014graduates@ps234.org.

PTA News

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Department of Education News

Medical Accommodations

If your child is in need of any type of medical accommodation during the school day, we must have an Autorization Form on file. If your child is in need of any of the following services, please go here to download the appropriate form, complete it and file with our school nurse.   

There are four types of request and authorization forms:

  • Medication Administration Form (MAF) should be completed only for requests involving administration of medication for students. For cases of asthma, providers may attach an Asthma Action Plan with the MAF. Use of nebulizers on school trips can be cumbersome, please consider prescribing inhaler and spacer whenever possible.
  • Provision of Medically Prescribed Treatment Form (Non-Medication) should be completed when requesting special procedures such as bladder catheterization, postural drainage, tracheal suctioning, gastrostomy tube feeding, etc. This form may be used for all skilled nursing treatments.
  • Diabetes Medication Administration Form should be completed for students with Diabetes who require any of the following: glucose monitoring, insulin and/or glucagon administration.
  • Request for Section 504 Accommodation(s) Form should be used when requesting special services such as a barrier-free building, elevator use, testing modification, etc. This form should NOT be used for Related Services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, counseling, etc. which is properly addressed and provided by a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Wednesday, April 23
Back to School from Spring Recess
Thursday, April 24
Green Committee Meeting
8:35 AM
NYC composting expert, Nick Knoll, from Grow NYC will discuss PS234's Composting Project and the larger NYC composting initiative.  Join him and the Green Committee in the auditorium after drop off to learn how you can support this initiative.
Friday, April 25
4th Grade Track Meet for Amanda, Mary and Marisa & Barrett's classes
Track members will participate in a city wide meet at the Verizon Field.  Departing from PS 234 at 9am, returning around 1pm.
Lice Check

Fifth Grade Movie Night
6:30 PM

Here Comes the Boom. This 5th grade only event costs $10.

Saturday, April 26
Tribeca Film Fest Family Day

Tuesday, April 29
Taste of Tribeca Meeting
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Yard Renovation Meeting
6:00 PM - 6:45 PM

If you missed the yard renovation unveiling at April's PTA meeting, come see the renderings for the yard renovation. In the auditorium.

Wednesday, April 30
NY State MATH Test for 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders
Thursday, May 1
NY State MATH Test for 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders
Friday, May 2
NY State MATH Test for 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders
Friday, May 9
Whole School Photo
Taken in the yard between 9:00 - 10:00 a.m.
Tuesday, May 13
4th Grade Music Concert
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Wednesday, May 14
PTA General Meeting
8:35 AM - 9:35 AM
Thursday, May 15
Kindergarten Dance and Music Concert
8:50 AM - 9:30 AM

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